Procyon Sector Bundle on Roll20

Hey all, got a quick question about ROll20. I just bought the Procyon Sector bundle to help spruce up my game, but I have no idea how to use it! I went into my game and all I can find is the tokens. No maps, backgrounds, clocks, etc. Can somebody please shine some light on this?

When you go to create a new game, on the right all the modules you purchase should be listed. Select the Scum and Villainy module and it will load it all for you. More details here:


Thanks Sean, I figured it would be something I had to do at the start of the game. No worries, I’d only set up a couple of character sheets so far so just went back to the beginning. The content looks great already! We actually play in person now but I still like using Roll20 as a central GM resource for our FitD games.

Hi, @Paul_Adams @Sean I’m very interested in this bundle :slight_smile: Is it possible to create custom factions and sectors in it?

Custom factions are easy (you just add them to the Faction character sheet list. Custom sectors are a bit tougher because you’d want to change out the sector map, which may involve doing photoshop work.

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Ok! thanks

Was just going to say exactly what Sean did. I got the bundle all set up and I’m really glad I spent the money. Factions are easy to change, just like on the Blades playsheets. For any new sectors we’ll probably just add new pages and insert our own artwork, although that shouldn’t need to happen for a while.

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I’m about to start S&V campaign soon, but have rarely used Roll20. Is it a good investment for a Roll20 newb or is it best only for people who use it a lot?

I encourage it for all, but especially new users. It gives you extra resources for digital tabletop play that are already formatted for use, which means there’s less of a steep learning curve as you start out.

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As a DM I love it. S&V and Blades don’t need maps so really it’s just a handy resource for all the player sheets, crew sheet, factions, clocks and some rules reference. I’ll also keep some notes of NPCs, locations, items, etc that the players have encountered and some guidelines for the current session. The way I run it, the players have their own paper character sheets but I update the Roll20 sheets as we play with xp, etc. If there’s any conflict between the two then what’s on Roll20 goes. Seems to work well with my group - for some reason they trust me!

One thing I would say is that if you’re playing in person like we do, try to print out some sort of visual focal point for the group. For Blades it’s a map of Doskvol, for S&V it’s the Procyon Sector. Tends to help with keeping people immersed in the fiction.