Procyon Sector Bundle on Roll20

Hey all, got a quick question about ROll20. I just bought the Procyon Sector bundle to help spruce up my game, but I have no idea how to use it! I went into my game and all I can find is the tokens. No maps, backgrounds, clocks, etc. Can somebody please shine some light on this?

When you go to create a new game, on the right all the modules you purchase should be listed. Select the Scum and Villainy module and it will load it all for you. More details here:

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Thanks Sean, I figured it would be something I had to do at the start of the game. No worries, I’d only set up a couple of character sheets so far so just went back to the beginning. The content looks great already! We actually play in person now but I still like using Roll20 as a central GM resource for our FitD games.

Hi, @Paul_Adams @Sean I’m very interested in this bundle :slight_smile: Is it possible to create custom factions and sectors in it?

Custom factions are easy (you just add them to the Faction character sheet list. Custom sectors are a bit tougher because you’d want to change out the sector map, which may involve doing photoshop work.

Ok! thanks