Proposition: Additional Setting Material for Blades in the Dark

I think I already know the answer to this, but I’ll still ask in case others have this question:

Is there anything in the pipeline for Blades in the Dark specifically? I know there’s a handful of FitD games in development, all of which look incredible, but I’m curious to know if there are plans to expand upon BitD further.

If not…I think a supplemental setting book would be really awesome, and it would probably sell like hotcakes too. So far we have Doskvol and U’Duasha, but there are plenty of other cities on the Shattered Isles that I’d love to read about. (Imperial City, I’m looking at you).

Sidebar: Another idea could be new types of games set in the other cities. Perhaps Doskvol and U’Duasha can support criminal lifestyles, but maybe the Imperial City would need a new game/system about being nobles or something.

I understand that Blades is a complete, finished product, and if no further work is planned, I can totally accept that. But given how inspired and evocative its setting is, I figured there’d be no harm in asking! :joy: :game_die::dagger:


The Flame Without Shadow supplement will have setting stuff for Duskvol (which I helped write).

There -might- be supplements for other cities in the future.

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That’s awesome news! How can I support the release of The Flame Without Shadow?

Sean Nittner, Andrew Gillis, and myself are working on it and some external alpha playtesting is going on, too. When we have a solid beta to test, I’ll announce it here to collect playtesters.

(If you’re a KS backer, you have access to the alpha materials now)


Thank you for that, John! Unfortunately I didn’t get to the Kickstarter on time. I’ll be sure to support however I can once it’s available to latecomers like me.

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