Prototype 8 side-by-side PC character keeper for S&V ready for testing

Happy day all! I’ve been working on adapting my BitD googlesheet character keeper (allows up to 8 PCs to be displayed side-by-side) for S&V. I have a prototype up and if anyone would find it fun to kick its tires and help me spot bugs and ways to improve it, that would be awesome.

Why you might like it: Shows lots of characters side-by-side, graphical clocks, lots of data auto-populates based on your selected playbook (for PCs), ship type (for Ship), and star system, auto-color coding to show harm & if you are over-loaded, etc.

Here is the file:

And here are some screenshots:


So cool! Thanks for this. I’ve learnt so much about google sheets just from looking at the formulas here and in the Blades sheet.

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Thanks for the kind words. It is still in beta so if you see any bugs or have any suggestions for improvements, just let me know :).

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I am also happy to share that v2 is now live, it has some spiffy new features. Some you’ve already seen, but…

● Added ability to roll dice from PCs tab! Wahoo!
● Added ability to add player and ship profile pictures.
● Added ability to do fate-style zones (Zones tab).
You need to enable the macro script to use it, but it works!
I updated the demo video on the readme tab - while it is for the BitD sheet, 80% of the content is the same.
Now if I could just find an easy way to protect all the gray cells. The only approach I see involves manually selecting rectangular areas and marking them as protected… that would involve dozens of areas. I’m hoping there is a better way!

Get it here:


The saftey page is awesome. Thanks for including something like this. Great setup to keep track if you were GMing a group you didn’t know.


Holy crap this is amazing! Easily the most complex Google sheet I’ve ever seen. Incredible work!

Thank you!

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Thank you for the kind words! Let me know how it years you and if you have suggestions for improvements.