Purchasing Agon

@John_Harper, @Sean Agon is currently available through the Preorder BackerKit
https://agon.backerkit.com/hosted_preorders . Do you foresee it being available through DrivethruRPG at some point, like Blades in the Dark is now?

I’m looking forward to getting this game. Thanks.

In one of John’s recent posts, he mentioned Agon is now available here: https://johnharper.itch.io/agon

Yep, you can get the PDF on my itch store now. It will also be posted on DriveThru some time this month.

That’s great @John_Harper. Do you foresee the hardbound book being available on Drivethru? It looks great and I will get a copy. If not, I can go through the BackerKit. Just checking to see if I can use my DriveThru credit as a first option. :smiley:

There will be a POD option on DriveThru, but the print quality is not as good as the hardcover from Evil Hat.

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Great. That is the information I’m looking for. I will go through Evil Hat.