Question about Battles

We have made it through Session 0 and Session 1. Everyone is really enjoying Agon so far. :smiley:

I do have a clarifying question about Battles. I am assuming that the Heroes only choose ONE Battle to engage in and then the destiny of the Island is resolved through Exodus, etc. Is this correct?

Spoiler Alert Island of Tymisos
I have another question. This one about Tymisos.

The Bull of Tymisos has Guardian (None may interfere with the Siren without contesting the Bull first).
The Only way I see to contest the Bull is in Battle. Is the Islands destiny not decided after the Battle?
I guess the second Battle could be against the sirenโ€™s Song but would the Heroes not need to defeat the Bull first in the first Battle in order to interfere with the Siren?

Iโ€™m a little confused here about the Bull and Siren in relation to Contests and Battles.
If anyone has clarification I would appreciate it. Thanks!

In our game the players defeated the bull during the Clash, and then spend the Seize and Finale fighting the Siren

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One battle per island is definitely correct. Also +1 for you might contest the Bull in one phase of the Battle, then deal with the Siren in a later phase.

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Thanks for the replies. That does clear things up for me. Iโ€™m looking forward to see how things go for the Heroes on this Island.

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