Question about the initial advance of the campaign

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Hello World!

My crew has been playing through the campaign and it’s been awesome thus far. The Legion is now arriving at fort calisco, with Panyar burning as of last session. With pressure mounting I am wondering if i ran our first advance correctly…

After the first mission we set our initial time, intel and pressure. then we advanced the legion on to the western front. During that advance the commander rolled for advancing as per the rules. is this correct? I don’t see anything in the book or handouts that indicates to not use the advance rules after the first session. How did you run it in your game?

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Did the same. As you say, if no rules say it’s different, then it’s the same. So my players arrived at Western Front with six segments already ticked on the first Time clock… (2 from initial time after a successful Shreya first mission, 1 from Time passes, 3 from a bad Advence roll).

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Thanks! We also had a nasty roll for the first advance, our commander is convinced the Legion won’t make it to skydagger keep(that’s great for morale…) I’m just trying to shake the feeling that I’ve done something wrong and cost extra time (don’t think I have though.)

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The equation is simple. Between Western Front and Skydagger Keep, you have a minimum of 7 advances, or 8 if you take the mountain road. Each advance costs 2 to 4 time segments (taking Time passes into account). So you could succeed in all missions and still loose the Campaign game because of bad advance rolls. But you can’t think like that at the beginning : you have to think in probability terms. Which is difficult because you won’t know how many Pressure you will have at each stage.
So let’s consider you have:

  • A mean of 1 Pressure at each advance. Your mean Time spent will be 2.7, that’s 19 in 7 advances. So if you have been unlucky at your first advance, you are at 6 segments on the first Time clock, you have 24 ticks of time available, meaning you have 5 “spare”. But let’s say only three, to give yourself a safety margin. Those 3 spare Time, you can use for 3 additionnal missions (without advancing), or to account for mission Failure penalties when you lose Time. If you have been lucky, or if you Don’t want to spend more than one mission at each location, then you can take the longer northern road.
  • A mean of 2 Pressure at each advance. Your mean Time spent will be 3, that’s 21 in 7 advances. It’s not such a big difference, which is not obvious before you do the calculation. But it means you have almost no margin to do additionnal missions.

If you are Under 6 Time at Western Front, it gives you a bit more margin, just adapt the above calculations.

So the players have to try to roll their advance with no more than one die. But it’s interesting to note that the difference between mean Time spent at each advance is NOT that big if you roll 1, 2 or 3 dice (2.7 , 3 , 3.3 respectively). They should not fret too much if they can’t spend a Horse use to reduce their pressure on a specific advance. It looks bad but it is not that bad, if it’s only once in a while.


Also, looking at the mission generator, there’s 3/24 to get extra time as a reward (with only 2 on penalties) + special missions

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Sure. But it does not compensates. Because there are 9/24 cases where Pressure is a penalty. And because you have to consider that you will generally speaking succeed in the primary mission, that the secondary mission will be more and more difficult to succeed when you have wounded specialists or you Don’t want to lose Rookies any more… and that in 5 cases out of 6, you have 3 missions and you fail at least one…


Good point - did not consider this.
Well, we will see how it works for my team - hopefully somewhere by the end of year :slight_smile:

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In fact, after yesterday’s night game, I’m beginning to think that this is wildly optimistic… :slight_smile: