Question Around Turf and Claims

I’ve gone through the book twice now, and done a round of “Let’s Learn - Blades in the Dark”. I’m feeling pretty comfortable with the rules. However, I can’t quite wrap my brain around the claims maps and turf.

The book says “You can hold a maximum of 6 turf.” On the claims map it shows 4 boxes of turf for each crew sheet. Does that mean each claim on the map counts as one of the six turf?

Or, perhaps I’m way off base and the 6 turf limit is only in regards to Rep/Gang tier.

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You can get turf that isn’t on your claims map, so you might get 4 from your map and then 2 from another source to hit the max of 6.


Excellent. Thank you for the info!

So a Crew can get Turf from their sheet or from the sheet of other Crew types.
Does that apply only to Turf specifically or to the other types of Claims as well?

The claim map is just the default roadmap for your crew type. You can seek out claims not on your map or any other crew map. The GM should just make off-map claims much harder to find and seize.

Other sources of turf include crew moves:

  • Fiends: count each wanted level as if it were turf
  • Accord: treat up to three +3 faction statuses you hold as if they are turf.