Question: Results of a Failed Mission [Spoilers]

So my group elected to have the Kingfisher Knight mission be a secondary. They rolled poorly. 3 rookies died and the two specialist took 3 harm. I’d planned that Kingfisher was carrying a transferable curse which caused him to transform into a monstrosity. Described the failed mission as the squad fought the creature - lost - and were forced to flee. The Kingfisher is taken by the undead forces and now they have a new Elite or Lieutenant.

My Question: The 2 specialist were harmed by the cursed knight. How should I handle the potential that they are also now cursed? After all, that’s why the knight had hidden themselves away. I do not think it’s fair to give them Corruption, that wasn’t part of the mission fail. Give them a clock and say if they don’t find a cure in that time - they become a monstrosity and are lost to play? Originally I had a magic pool that was going to cure the knight if the squad was successful…


Just give them Corruption instead of the harm. That’s how I would handle it.

3 corruption instead of 3 Harm seems a kind of Christmas gift…

Also, if the OP gives such a clock to the 2 wounded specialists, it’s a bit difficult to play in game since those guys themselves are probably out for a long time and won’t be able to go on missions to find the cure themselves.