Questions about campaign start, and end

I’m just starting my second campaign, and finishing my first, and some questions have come up:

  1. In the first session, after the mission, does the campaign phase get played as per normal?
    So at the end of the first session: Time = 3 (Horned One) + 1 (Advance Time) + 2 (rolled 5 for Advance) = 6 time on the clock.

  2. With reference to the Horned One’s Shapeshifter ability and Special Missions scoring at Skydagger, does a “completed” mission mean a mission that was a success only, or does it include missions played though but failed?

  3. In Skydagger’s Last Wave, for Endless Foes do you include Infamous that the Broken don’t have the ability to field? For example if Render doesn’t have the Heartless ability by the time Skydagger is reached, is a penalty applied for not killing Ache?

  1. Yes. The only difference is that the advance to the Western Front is mandatory. Your calculations are right.

  2. Afaik “completed” does not mean “successful”. For exemple, p. 114 you have " Once the starting mission is complete, each of the Legion players will pick one of the Legion Roles", which you do even if the mission was a failure. So it’s all missions played, including the failures.
    But this could maybe be interesting to confirm.

  3. No, you don’t count those. I’m not sure it’s perfectly clear in the book, but the question has already been asked and answered.

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Cheers A_B!

Only #2 worries me…fictionally, how can doing and failing special missions help you at Skydagger?

The 5 points you gain for each “completed” Special Mission are there as incentives, so that players will not shirk from special missions even if they are more dangerous. In order for the incentive to work, you need to get the points even if you fail the missions.

But if you fail them, this will also be reflected in the Last Wave as well as in the Final Score: because you won’t have gotten the relics, because you won’t have killed the Lieutenants etc.

Yes, you’re right, makes sense. They affect scoring, not dice.