Questions about the Marshal Tracking Sheet and Healing

Hey all! My brand new Marshal had a question for me about the Marshal tracking sheet that I wasn’t sure about. The book shows an example of how a Marshal would record information about an officer. This information includes the numbers 3 and 11 in the “Abilities” and “Actions” boxes. What exactly are these numbers referring to? Are they the number of pips dedicated to Special Abilities and Actions, respectively?
Furthermore, can someone explain healing to me a little? I understand that Rest and Recuperation is the way you help your players heal wounds. Specifically, the book says you mark a tick when a character is wounded and a second when the character has healed that wound. So, to ensure I understand, if a character has both 2nd and 3rd level wounds, then marks a second tick in the 3rd level wound box, is the 3rd level wound now healed? Or do characters not overcome wounds individually but rather on the whole?
Sorry for the foolish questions on my part and thanks for the help.

Hi Megamind

  1. The number “3” means the Specialist (her an Officer) has acquired 3 special abilities (so his starting 1 plus 2 gained during the campaign).

  2. Same as above, “11” means here that the Officer has a total of 11 ranks in his Actions : his 8 starting ones, plus 3 he has gained during character creation (heritage traits) or during play (through experience), or through Shreya’s Book of Hours.

Also, see page 57 : " a character may have no more than 20 ranks of actions and six abilities".

  1. Healing: no. You need 3 ticks to heal a 3rd level wound, 2 to heal a 2nd level wound. If you have both wounds, you would need a total of 5 ticks. But if you have two 2nd level wounds, they are all healed at the same time when you get your second tick on this row. The Mercy, some heritage traits and some abilities allow faster healing.
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