Questions about the score at Skydagger

Hi Legionnaires

When we ended the campaign when I was a player, we asked ourselves some questions about the calculation of the score at the end of the game but the campaign had been so though and the score was so low that the answers, or lack of it, did not really matter :laughing:.

Now we’re reaching the same stage in my campaign as a GM and I’d like to try to do things right…

So some questions;

  • Is the morale counting for the final score the one you have when you reach Skydagger, or the same minus penalties for deaths during Skydagger missions? Since there is no morale rewards for the Skydagger missions, counting deaths towards morale there seems a bit tough. Especially since they already affect the score through “‹Soldiers Remembered” (destroyed squads) or “Formation” (wounded squad).

  • Do PCs get xp for Skydagger missions ? In our case, this would probably impact the number of Specialists we have at the end, so it seems important for the calculation of the final score.

I don’t know if there’s an ‘‘official’’ answer, but my group did the calculations after absolutely everything else - luckily we didn’t have any deaths to deal with in the finale.

I’d definitely say characters get XP for the missions - they might be short and special, but they’re still Legionnaires going on a mission.

Thanks for your input !

In our case (when I was a player) our GM went berserk and we had IIRC 11 dead including several specialists at Skydagger. But he also gave us all the infamous an lieutenants to kill that we hadn’t killed yet in the campaign, which was already tough. So a lot of fun but savage score beating!

The book says “After the Final Mission at Skydagger keep.”, so I’d think you count everything right after the missions. There’s no campaign phase or consequences, so no morale penalties for deaths, but no XP either.

This said, as always, do what you like best.

Yup. But XP are normally part or the mission step of the mission phase, and mission penalties/rewards, and morale penalties for deaths are also normally part of the mission phase (bookkeeping step) , not of the campaign phase.

So it’s nor only “no campaign phase”, it’s also “the mission phase is cut at an unprecised moment”. And the scoring is a very detailed process, but which can be significantly impacted by counting, or not, those eps and morale penalties…