Quicksilver and harm

Can a PG resist the consequence of Quicksilver (p. 226):
Quicksilver (iv/1): A toxic metallic fluid. The user’s mind opens further to the ghost field. Take +1d to Attune roll upon use, suffer level 2 harm (“Zoned-out”).


Resistance rolls are an attempt to negate a consequences that follows action roll. I don’t think the item’s effect can be resisted.

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The concoctions in that section are all listed as Volatile, with each having a side effect of Level 1 harm “Woozy” – which can be resisted.

Rage Essence (Cutter gear) has 2 such side effects that can be resisted.

It seems to me to be completely legitimate to allow a player to resist the Level 2 harm (Zoned-out) as well as the Level 1 harm (Woozy). Could be an awfully high stress cost for a mere +1d, so I imagine many will choose not to do it anyway. But it might be tempting for that really important scene…

An interesting question is how they resist. Resolve, as they grit their teeth and focus through the waves of fogginess? Does the Leech use a Protect action to resist for the Whisper, using Insight to cut the drug with the perfect amount of a stimulant?