Quietus - FITD melancholy horror oneshot rpg

Quietus is my Forged in the Dark game of melancholy horror, inspired by movies like The Strangers, Oculus and Don’t Look Now.

The FITD has been stripped down and retooled for one shot play, with the action split between the desperate present of the characters fight against an implacable killer, and Scar scenes which highlight their past tragedies.

It’s coming to Kickstarter this June, and I’m super excited for you all to see it! Let me know of you have any questions, or sign up to be notified when the Kickstarter launches at quietus.co.uk.


I should say, the art is by Kasha Prinzing for the book.

I love that image! Wonderful lines

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Thank you! Kasha’s doing a great job, I can’t wait to see their full colour versions.

Nice to see this doing well on Kickstarter. I love good horror, Forged in the Dark is such a natural fit, you’ve got great collaborators with excellent ideas, and your own experience on the RPG scene gives me total faith in you to make this everything it can be. Looking forward to it so much.

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Thanks! I’m delighted with how it’s going so far, looking forward to getting it out there to everybody!

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