Raiders in the Dark, an OSR-inspired FitD hack

Hey there! I’m looking for feedback on my nearly complete FitD hack. If you have any interest, please check it out. Thanks!

Name: Raiders in the Dark

Version: 0.4 beta

Scope: Fantasy setting with crews delving into strange places that fight back.

Core Themes: Exploration, delving, magic, horror.

Where: Rules, sheets, and changelog here:


@DavidRourke this looks really cool. I am maxed out right now as a GM but if you need any players for play testing drop me a PM. Cheers!

That looks totally awesome! Wow. Really professional work. I’ll have to take a very close look at this.

Quick question: Did you make many changes to the system or is it basically the same as BitD?
Who did the art work? Looks very cool.


There is a list of most notable changes to the basic Forged in the Dark system in Chapter 1. It’s intended as a cheat sheet for folks who are familiar with BitD and FitD so they don’t have to bother reading the parts that are copied straight from the SRD. But I have made a bunch of tweaks.

For the artwork, I searched to find free use photos and then messed around with them in Photoshop. I am really happy with how that has turned out.



I’m looking at a playtest one-shot of Raiders in the Dark via Discord next Sunday the 24th, probably afternoon Eastern time. Let me know if you’re interested.

@DavidRourke Sounds good to me. I just sent you a PM. Cheers!

Hey friend, just wanted to let you know given the expansive copying of the full text and trade dress, you’re in all likelihood in violation of John’s copyright.

I’d strongly recommend re-writing the text without copy-and-pasting sections, and pursue a different visual style and font selection, before moving ahead with this project.

Text pulled from the SRD is fair game (though I do strongly encourage designers to re-write in their own words as much as they can).

The trade dress and font selection is very similar, yeah. Would be nice if this had more of its own distinct look.

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Thanks for the friendly warning.

I’m not aware of any text copied except from the SRD. I have been rewriting more and more during development.

However, if the look and feel seem too similar to you, I will make adjustments to make them less so. No infringement is intended.

All of the standalone FitD games have avoided using Kirsty (and the Blades trade dress), to avoid confusion with standard Blades stuff, and I appreciate that. Also, Kirsty is made to look like early industrial metal type, so it suits the early industrial era of the Blades setting. Stuff like Scum & Villainy and Band of Blades, for instance, aren’t connected to that historical period, so different looks were called for. I think the same applies for your work here.

It’s good for a game to have its own visual identity, to stand on its own. It’s less about infringement and more about good practice for a product in the marketplace.


The next update will make no use of Kirsty and will make other visual changes to be more clearly its own thing. That’s already in progress.



Update 0.5b is available on at this link.

Typography and graphics completely revised: now 97% less resemblance to BitD.

Lots of other revisions as well.

Cool! Thanks for making those changes.

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