Rakers: a custom crew playbook for journalists and muck-rakers

I started this a while ago and was recently reminded of it by a Reddit post asking about journalism in Doskvol. So here it is; the Rakers playbook for the aspiring investigative journalist.

Scores would probably be similar to Hawker and Shadow scores but oriented around investigation and information - making deals, stealing evidence, finding witnesses, infiltrating organisations, etc. - with maybe some staging of stories, hostile takeovers of rival journalist outfits, and dangerous trips into hostile territory for the latest scoop. Then of course there’s fending off those who want to silence you. And remember, in a city filled with ghosts, even dead witnesses can talk if you’re willing to risk it.

Will you seek to deliver the truth to your readers, or just look to spin stories into coin? Will you deliver incisive and hard-hitting writing, or do your readers prefer gossip and scandal? Will you undermine the corrupt institutions or be their propaganda tool to cover up and twist the truth?

Along with the actual sheet I’ve included a table of Raker opportunities and starting situations to generate ideas for scores. Feedback for anything would be greatly appreciated!



I’ve snagged a copy, will try to introduce to my group and send feedback your way. With the pandemic going on, it may be a while.

Thanks for putting it together!