Rate my homebrew special ability

I noticed that my cyberpunk equivalent of a Cutter didn’t have any downtime-related special abilities, and there were none that seemed appropriate in the SRD, so I made this special ability and am looking for thoughts/feedback. Is it too strong? Too weak? Too narrow focus? Again this is for a Cutter style character, one who’s focus is on combat, in a cyberpunk type world.

Expert Armorer: During downtime you get +1d and +1 result level when you acquire an asset or work on a long-term project that involves weapons, ammunition or explosives.

Reasoning: other similar abilities generally give only +1 result level, but since the focus of the ability is relatively narrow, I added the +1d to compensate.


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I like your approach here. Tough/fighting type characters do often feel one-note and I think this ability counteracts that and adds some potential flavour.

It does feel a bit strong. Most other special abilities only grant +1d or +1 result level for doing something specific (making chemicals, devices, etc.). I think this may be to avoid doubling up on effects for one downtime action. For example, if you have an equivalent of a Leech in your cyberpunk version, if they have an ability like this one from the SRD:


When you invent or craft a creation with spark-craft features, you get +1 result level to your roll (a 1-3 becomes a 4/5, etc.). You begin with one special design already known.

This ability could double up with your armorer ability to perhaps be a bit too powerful than what you intended. There could be other overlaps for special abilities that affect long-term projects and acquiring assets as well.

If the ability was even more focused, for example if you got this bonus only when crafting a very specific type of weapon (melee bladed, fully automatic firearms, etc.), or perhaps when making ammunition for one of the character’s playbook items, then I think that would be specific enough to warrant two bonuses.

Hard to tell without seeing the full breadth of your game. I’m curious to hear more!

Thank you for your advice and I agree. That point was brought up to me elsewhere about stacking with other abilities from other classes, and the result being too powerful. As it is, I modeled it after the “Alchemist” ability, but with the focus on weapons and ammo instead.

I think Neon Black is great btw, looking forward to the next update!

Thanks very much! The next update is a big one and will be coming very soon!

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