Raw Physical checks

(Apologies for all the posts I’m making, but everyone has been so helpful on the points I can’t get my head round… :slight_smile: )

Here’s the situation: two of the crew have sneakily drugged a member of a gang on the street and are now lifting him off his feet and running down the street. The rest of the gang give chase. Do they catch them?

Sounds like it’s time for a roll. We want to see if the crew are stronger and faster than those chasing. If the street were full of obstacles you could make this finesse. If you were doing something weird to help yourselves it’s attune. But these are all supporting options. What if it’s just raw physicality?

To me, if it does not fit any of the actions, either I’m not thinking BitDy enough and have the wrong end of the stick; or one could roll the raw attribute - roll dots in Prowess like a resistance roll. But I don’t recall reading an option for doing this.

Am I missing something? Should I just use an action that doesn’t really fit like Skirmish as its Phyiscal and can involve positioning?

(I’ve not mentioned doing this as opposed rolls/clocks, but that would still need rolls to progress)

In general, Prowl is the ideal Action for skilled and scoundrel-y movement and physicality.

From page 175:

“When you Prowl, you use the features of your environment to move around skillfully. The more conducive the environment, the better your position. Prowling is more than just ‘stealth’— it’s all of the related physical skills of movement as well as an instinctual awareness of where to go and the right timing to employ. You can think of Prowling as general athletic ability (running, climbing, jumping, swimming, etc.) tuned for quiet, efficient movement.”

Also, for this, you probably don’t need a Clock. This isn’t too complex. Have a Group Prowl to carry the thug out and away and leave it at that.

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Ah! That’s it. I thought I must be missing something. I think this is close enough, even if the aim is not to be quiet or efficient.

Yeah, Prowl it is. With zero or limited effect since they have to carry a body and the pursuers don’t. Then they have a way to make it to standard.