Rebel Crown: Feudal Intrigue Forged in the Dark

Rebel Crown is a Forged in the Dark feudal intrigue game with a tight, player-driven campaign and a focus on character relationships. The Kickstarter just went live as part of ZineQuest and you can check out the free quickstart here.

Notable tweaks to the FitD foundation:

  • Asymmetrical Playbooks designed around character motivations and dynamics.
  • A player-driven campaign driven by seizing feudal holdings and forming alliances.
  • A set campaign structure with epilogue rules for victory and defeat.
  • A scars system (replacing Blades’ trauma rules) with shared authorship of these conditions and more player choice in how they manifest in the moment.

Design Diary Update on creating asymmetrical playbooks:

Backed! This looks great.

I don’t know how practical this is, but something I would find super useful is settings/levers (or even just suggestions) on how to adjust the length of time a campaign takes to play out. Due to time constraints I would love to be able to run a satisfying campaign arc in, say, half the number of sessions.


@timdenee I like that idea a lot. I have an idea of how to start the narrative partway through for a shorter campaign (start at higher tier, with a few holdings). We’ll see if that fits in the expansion zine or if it’s something for supplemental materials.


I managed to record an actual play of Rebel Crown with @Judd Karlman, Slade Stolar, and Nicolas Garcia. It’s a solid intro to character creation and the flow of a session. I’d love to hear what folks think.


Backed as well :slight_smile:
I think being able to adjust campaign length is a great idea - our gang is slowly taking over Doskvol, Legion just crossed the Tigeria river, and I hear some heroes just got lost in Mediterranean sea and need help! And now a kingdom im distress…


24 hours left on Rebel Crown. Thanks for making it happen!

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Damn, missed it!
Looks like my jam, though! Is there still any way to get involved? Or at least follow the development?

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Yeah, we’ll keep the Kickstarter updates public and I’ll note major updates in this thread. When it’s out, the game will be available through itch and our site. Glad to hear it’s up your alley!

I made Digital Playbooks for playing Rebel Crown online. Google Sheets makes it easy to share info and there’s even an embedded dice roller.

Feel free to make a copy for your own games: