Recommendation for better class names (especially Slide)

Can you PLEASE rename the Slide to something less cringeworthy? I love everything else about this game, but that class name just keeps poking out like an aweful note in the middle of a concerto.

For free, here’s my recommendation for class names that are much cooler
Slide -> Whisk
Spider -> Stitch
Whisper -> Spook

Why do you find them cringeworthy and unfitting?

Nothing stops you from changing the names in your games, but since this topic has never risen, I assume that many see them fitting, so I don’t expect the names to change.

Personally, I prefer the current Playbooks’ names:

  1. Spider is a great name which pays respect to the crime and dedective fiction - think of how Sherlock Holmes first described Professor Moriarty to Watson.
  2. Whisk carries with it association for aggressive and sudden action and therefore hasty one, while Slide associates with control and consistent touch, which resembles more what the playbook is about.
  3. Whispers posses expertise in arcane and occult practices which are mysterious and plagued by superstitions. This playbook describes scoundrels who perform and meet what is only rumored by people and whispered out of fear of malevolent attention. Life-essence hungry ghosts whisper and murmor in madness.