Resources I've put together for Star Wars: Hutt Space (map, faction list, Roll20 sheets)

Inspired by Calum Grace, I’ve been preparing for a bit of Scum & Villainy in the Star Wars universe. Specifically, in Hutt Space shortly after A New Hope.

To that end, I’ve prepared a bunch of resources that you might find useful. They’re all gathered in this google drive folder:

There is:

  • A full map of Hutt Space, organized into sectors with their own heat/wanted level as per S&V
  • Sector sheets for the above map, following the S&V template (description, locations, notables, etc etc).
  • A list of factions
  • A custom Roll20 sheet that reskins the S&V character sheets for Star Wars (astromech droids, the force, etc). Also has a working “generate factions” button that will populate a faction sheet with all the factions above.

The one thing I haven’t got around to, that I would still like to do, is come up with some “space terrain” for each sector. I think S&V does this well, and I’d like to follow the same idea. Pre-populating the sectors with asteroid belts and interesting space-objects to make the inevitable space-chases and space-battles more interesting.

Anyway, there you have it! Hope that’s useful to someone.


Extremely useful.
Looking forward to space details. Will you do them as icons on the map?

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Thanks! I’ll probably just add them to the sector sheets, like they are in S&V, so that they can show up whereever they need to.

Wouldnt adding them to map give more options to players? I can imagine some would keep the sectors sheets GM-only while the map is for players?
Given that the sectors contain way more planet than in vanilla S&V, the information per planet is less. Each planet is single location, but again that is kinda SW. Perhaps color/symbol coding the planets would help players make an more informed decision where to jump next time (instead of the GM going over ALL details of all neighboring systems (and their neighbors, and all planets within sector, etc))?


Super cool. I’m just about to start a SW campaign and this will come in handy. Thanks for sharing.

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A background graphic for Roll20, a floorplan of the crew’s chosen ship (the VT-49 Decimator, a replacement for the Cerberus). They went with laser cannons and a medbay (bacta tank) for their starting upgrades. I put some of the possible modules on here, since they’re not listed on the ship sheet and it saves the players having to reference the rulebook.

High res:


How did you make that graphic?

I did it in Adobe Illustrator, but Inkscape (free) could probably do it just as well.


Do you also have a Foundry version?

Of the character sheet or the maps? The maps will work fine in Foundry. The character sheet I have not done in Foundry, but I think it should be easy enough to modify the Scum & Villainy one that already exists.

I wonder if there is a faster method than several hours copy/pasting each planet/playbook entry?