Roll 20 Strife Player Character Sheets

hi all,

I dunno whether this issue is morerelated to my inexperience to use roll 20, or else if there is a bug in the system. but during yesterday’s session, the Strife Player’s Character sheet lacked the facility to allow me to roll the dice to establish a target number for the contests. In fact the sheet was empty below the vault of heaven.

has any one else had the same problem?

Hi Clint. Sorry that wasn’t better documented. If you now create a new sheet there is an option to create an island and separately stat out each opponent on the island. Some of that new content is sampled here

Thanks for your reply Sean, pardon me though, but the new Island sheet seems to support only one die roll, how would I be able to use epitephs and advantage dice in that case?

Or am I missing something?

I apologize if I am slow to understand, but roll 20 is a recent necessity due to the pandemic. For the past 29 years I gamed only face to face at my local club.

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Hi Clint, each character has five lines for traits and a check box next to each trait so you can determined in any given contest which traits will be rolled.

For example, with the Island of Fenios, if you clicked Roll Strife for Isadora here it would just roll her d8 name die:

But if these were checked it would roll her Adamant and Shrewd traits as well:

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And in this case it would roll her Isadora, Exiled Queen d8, plus her Protective of Nassia d8 trait as well. However, since Protective on Nassia is Perilous, the contest would be marked Perilous too.

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Thanks again Sean, for your assistance, I managed to work through it and finish the second island. This game is MARVELLOUS!