Roll20 confusion

Is there any guidance in how to use the Roll20 sheets? I’m mostly figuring things out by trial and error, or watching how folks use them in video APs… For example, can’t figure out how a player starts a new character sheet. The GM can, but even when they do, the players don’t see the sheet, just the bio tab. I can have the players edit the existing characters, but that seems clunky.

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I had the same issue. You can set up new character sheets by adding them new character sheets under Journal. Then you set permissions on the sheet to yourself and the player (or all the players if you want). The other thing I didn’t know that was super helpful was creating blank character sheets for each Playbook. You do that by clicking on the words Playbook under Character Mode on the righthand side of the sheet and then typing in the name of the playbook (Hound, Slide, etc.) Once a player decided what they wanted to play, you enabled them to have permission for the Cutter (or whatever) playbook.

Hope this helps!


Hi Joe, yep, there are some built in roll20 features that you just have to get used to, which can be a pain.

Players can’t create characters (only GMs can) but once the character is create the GM can edit it to grant permissions to view and edit to any or all of the payers.

More deets here:


Thanks, folks. I think we have it figured out now.

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I initially had this problem, and solved it by just making all the players GMs. That’s the fastest and easiest way to do it, assuming even a modicum of trust at your table.