Roll20 pages broken?


This is the first time I’ve seen this: the clocks and roll graphics in Roll20 seem to have disappeared in my game. You can see there’s a clock, the name and all, but the graphic doesn’t appear, so we don’t know how many ticks there are in it. I’ve got a BitD game that is working just fine. Maybe it’s a change in the scripts or something?

Any ideas on how to fix this would be greatly appretiated, we’re in Barrack Mines, with 1 morale, 0 food and 18 bodies in the legion, so everybody is on edge awaiting for the next game hoping for some spectacular action to save the Legion!

Hi Zanchito,

I’m seeing some similar things. My Blades in the Dark sheets are blank and my Scum & Villainy sheets are missing their normal backgrounds. The Band of Blades and Fistful of Darkness sheets are all WAI.

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I should also note that when I created a new game, I was able to gain access to the sheets again, but the sheets from my old games don’t load.

We have the same issue with Blades in the Dark sheets. There has been some update in the past that made those unrecoverable imo.

They seem to be working now again. Crisis averted!

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Oh my yes! They are back and accessible, time to make screenshot just in case! :slight_smile:

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I think the Roll20 servers were having issues (I’ve seen loading failures on some other sheets, too). They seem to be back to normal now.