Roll20 Play Procedures + Map

Hey, y’all! In another thread it was brought up that a step by step play procedure would be EXTREMELY useful for Band of Blades. A number of people took up the task but @jethrolarson really outdid themselves with a web friendly version and I turned that into a visual prop for Roll 20 or for specialty printing at a print shop (if you want a higher DPI image for this purpose, I can send you one)!

You can find a link to the full-size image, which I may update with corrections or upgrades, here:

And if you follow me on itch, you can find some other Blades fan projects including my Moth-Light hack and a free alt-playbook for BitD, The Sleuth!


I’ll dogpile on the self promotion :stuck_out_tongue:
My interactive guide, inspired by @tomlommel and @Dissonance
Still a WIP but already has some cool stuff:

@Dissonance BTW I love how that looks. I will be stealing more of the styles as I progress :slight_smile:

Edit: more pretty.