Roll20 Play Procedures + Map

Hey, y’all! In another thread it was brought up that a step by step play procedure would be EXTREMELY useful for Band of Blades. A number of people took up the task but @jethrolarson really outdid themselves with a web friendly version and I turned that into a visual prop for Roll 20 or for specialty printing at a print shop (if you want a higher DPI image for this purpose, I can send you one)!

You can find a link to the full-size image, which I may update with corrections or upgrades, here:

And if you follow me on itch, you can find some other Blades fan projects including my Moth-Light hack and a free alt-playbook for BitD, The Sleuth!


I’ll dogpile on the self promotion :stuck_out_tongue:
My interactive guide, inspired by @tomlommel and @Dissonance
Still a WIP but already has some cool stuff:

@Dissonance BTW I love how that looks. I will be stealing more of the styles as I progress :slight_smile:

Edit: more pretty.


@Dissonance in section II currently it has the GM presenting missions before the Commander spends intel for a special mission, but the intel should actually be spent before missions are rolled.

On p314 it says the intel spent supersedes the mission count roll (sets it to 6), so the GM would then only roll two random missions and select a special as a third.

Thank you so much. I’ve updated the current version. Now in PNG and JPEG

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