Rolling actions during character creation

I recently saw a game that required that players make at least one skill roll during character creation, to help instruct the players on the dice mechanics and how they interact with skills, etc. With Position and Effect, and the somewhat unusual dice mechanics, I thought this would be great to include in a FitD game!

I haven’t been able to come up with the best way to include this, though, without removing players ability to define their character too much or forcing the players to roll for something they don’t want to (FitD expects the players to always decide when they roll).

I’m currently thinking of having players roll for the event that sent them out of law-abiding life and into a gang. The consequences determine your history with your friend or rival (depending on if you succeed or fail, or both on a 4/5). By default, this roll is risky/standard, but you can push it to desperate/great to also risk an associated faction status.

Has anyone else used or seen something similar (specifically, using an action/skill roll, as opposed to just rolling for stats)? Do you think it’s even worth including, or does it just make things more complicated?

Check out my post a out experimenting with session zero in my Adrenaline hack. We didn’t make skill rolls, but we played a session before fully creating characters. Players were able to pick up the core roll mechanic, stress, and resistance before adding in special abilities, position, effect, quality, etc. It really worked well.