RONIN: An Honour-Bound Warrior Playset

Hi everyone,

This will be my first post on the forums here (I’ve been more active on the AGON discord). I wanted to show you the playset I’m designing: RONIN. I call it an honour-bound warrior playset, made to tell stories about wandering warriors, striving to act virtuously.

You play as a group of ronin, samurai without a master – a shameful life in the world of this game. You’ve chosen to wander the earth, gathering honour to your name and erasing the burden of shame cast upon you. In time, you hope to find a new life. Will you carve out a new purpose for yourself? Will you forever wander? Or will you die a warriors death?

The biggest changes from AGON are the new shame mechanic and the end game mechanics. Shame will modify how much honour (glory) a contest will earn a ronin, creating a new layer upon the established resolution mechanics. The end game develops a lot of the nice systems AGON already has, essentialy helping the players collect prompts to write their epilogue.

You can find RONIN on itch. If you get a chance to read it, please let me know what you think. Feedback is also much appreciated. Although the game certainly is ready to play, I will be tweaking it, trying to make it even better.

I also hope to follow in the huge footsteps of Michael Purcell and write up a little collection of “towns” for this playset. For playtesting I’ve been adapting islands (which also worked remarkably well), but I’m keen to start designing dedicated adventures.


This is fantastic! I’ve been delighted to see this develop over the past little while on the Discord; I can’t wait to see the towns that you create for such a compelling setting. My only complaint is that the other games that I’ve been meaning to read are going to have to wait a bit longer, because Ronin just shot to the front of the queue.