RPG recommendations

My wife and I decided to use some of our stimulus money for independent/small business. I want to support some RPG makers but I’m honestly not sure what to pick up.

Currently, I have BitD, S&V, Urban Shadows, and Dungeon Worlds. I’d love more FitD games, though honestly, Band of Blades didn’t seem like my cup of tea.

Anyone have suggestions? Prefer physical books if possible, but also shamelessly self-promote even if you only have digital here too!


For Dungeon World I love the Perilous Wilds supplement. Neat whether and travel moves to bring nature in as a threat. Good follower rules. The tables for bringing in Dangers and Discoveries on the fly are great. I have used them many times.

I can recommend Mouse Guard. It’s a very interesting system (from the designer of Burning Wheel) with an absolutely gorgeous print book.

Not sure if that fulfills the indie/small criteria though.

I haven’t looked into it super closely but I’ve heard good things about it. Thanks for the recommendation!

You can check out The Root. Quite fun and promising. It is post KS now and in a backer kit.

Copperhead County is a great FitD game. Also Scum & Villainy and Band of Blades.

Girl by Moonlight is awesome, but isn’t out yet.

I’m very proud of my new game AGON.

I keep a big list of RPG recommendations in this Google doc here:

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I’m in the playtest for Girl by Moonlight but I haven’t had a chance to read it yet. I’ll take a look, at your other suggestions as well.

Digital-only atm, but some other FitD games I think are worth checking out are Songs for the Dusk, Brinkwood, and Hello World (and Girl by Moonlight, as already mentioned! :D)

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Ooo Songs for the Disk sounds like my kinda ish. Thanks!