Ruins of DOOM - an OSR Paragon Playset

I released my second Paragon Playset, Ruins of DOOM - an OSR fantasy dungeon crawler, inspired by Darkest Dungeon and Torchbearer.

You can expect a game full of brutality, with a very high mortality rate. It’s a low-magic fantasy game with a lot of random tables, dungeon crawling, dangerous enemies, and deadly traps.

It was a challenge to mix two different worlds (a narrative fast-paced game as Agon, and the OSR game philosophy).
I hope you will enjoy it!

This time I put a small price for the game - I worked on it a lot. But there are Community Copies if someone cannot afford the price.

If you will play it, please let me know what do you think!


I added additional community copies for those who want to play the game but they cannot buy it. Feel free to grab them or share them with your friends.

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The paperback version is now available - if someone is more interested in a physical book:

(also in other amazon stores)