[Rules clarification - Scoundrel - Never Tell Me The Odds]

When I read the rule about generating Gambits, it was clear that typically it only happens on a Risky position and only if a Gambit wasn’t spent. And also if a 6 is rolled.

The Scoundrel has the coolest (to me) ability to also generate a Gambit on a Desperate roll and even if a Gambit was spent.

On the sheet it says that you generate a Gambit when rolling Desperate. It doesn’t specify if the player needs to get a 6 result.

My player pointed this out and that has lead to a bit of a discussion.

I ruled that a 6 still needs to be obtained, but I was curious if anyone had any insights.

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I ruled that a 6 still needs to be obtained

That’s certainly how my group did it.

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“Because that condition wasn’t changed from the normal conditions” seems like the obvious way to conclude that.

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Yarp. Still need that 6.

What Udanchik and Why said.