[Rules] Heavy armor

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I can see place in playbooks to mark heavy armor when “burning” it, but there seems to be no heavy armor in item list. For now, i simply let it be burned when player takes heavy loadout and armor, so it has two uses.

Is there something I’m missing from the book? How do You deal with it?

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There is a Special Ability in the Cerberus Ship Playbook called “Loaded for Bear” which allows Armor to have a second use as Heavy armor.

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Ah! Thank you! I totally missed that. Seems strange tho, that it’s only available to one crew… Still, it doesn’t mean it’s not obtainable for others.

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You might also be able to Acquire Assets such a thing, or work a long term clock to add it to your gear. It’s obtainable … it’s just not easy.

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