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Hi I have just started a BoB game with my gaming group. I have read the rules several times but sure enough I run into trouble the first session. Any help and clarification would be welcome.

  1. we run into a discussion about ammunition? the musket/pistol has an Ammo checkbox of five. is that 5 shots or five times a shootout per scene?

  2. arrows and bow. are arrows unlimited? and if so why would anyone use something else?

  3. what is the difference if i carry 2 Pistols insted of one. it cant be just fluff since two pistols take up more loadspace.

  4. if it comes to a confrontation between a squad of line troups i have a good idea how to handle this. basicaly choose position and effect and make a roll. if successful the squal is defeted. but what if the same secnario with a elite, infamous or lieutanant? is it also just one roll to see if they defeted the adversary? elite, infamous etc have any harm levels as PCs?

thanks for any help
cheers colin

Hi Draug

  1. It’s 5 Shoot action. One Shoot action can be one or several shots. As the author has answered on this forum:

It’s one volley. You might fire multiple shots (or not) but rather than counting bullets, it’s one action of fire. It might be one shot, it might be one clip. Whatever the story necessitates.

  1. Yes, arrow are unlimited (except you could deplete the arrows on a consequence). The Scout uses a Fine bow (threat 2) and can shoot a limited number of Black Shot arrows. There is no “normal” bow in the Legion equipment: the Rookies are quipped with muskets. I guess the authors have followed the historical development, that despite their advantages, bows have been replaced by arquebuses and muskets. Because they required less training. Because (after a while) they caused more damage (could pierce armour), etc. There are several reasons. In BoB, however, weapons are not really detailed. If you want to use bows instead of muskets, you can, they would be threat 1, and as a GM you can think how it would affect Position and Effect in various situations.

  2. If you carry 2 pistols you can shoot twice without reloading. “Normal” pistols are single shot and take some time to reload, so there are fictional and P/E implications. Fine pistols, however, are Threat 2, five shots revolvers, that equip the Officer, the Medic and the Soldiers (if they choose pistol as utility). The you have different possibilities and P/E.

  3. Elite; Infamous, Lieutenants usually are generally represented by a clock in combat. See page 20 'Threat Clock". Elite are normally 8-Clocks; Infamous 10-clocks. Warning, those are NOT hit points.

Moreover, the difference in Threat has an immediate impact on the Effect level and the Harm level when you fight an Elite, Infamous etc. Difference in Scale has the same impact. Each difference of 1 level in That and Scale will:

  • DIMINISH your Effect by one rank (So Standard to Limited, for example)
  • and AUGMENT the Harm inflicted to you.

See page 30-33 for generalities and page 228-229 for details on this.

Example: let’s say, a “normal” combat, which would be Risky/Standard, between a T2 Specialist and a T2 Elite. On a 1-5 roll, the Harm taken is Level-2.
But against an Infamous, even if the position is still Risky, the Effect is Limited and the Harm is Level-3.

In the same way, a T1 Rookie has basic Limited effect against an Elite and risks Severe Level-3 Harm on a risky position.

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Thanks very much for the clarification. It is very much appreciated. Next session is Monday so i will be probably posting new questions on tuesday.
cheeers Draug

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