Rules questions

Hi again !

I’ve just completed watching the first mission on youtube and at some point (episode 1.4 IIRC), a max moral of ten is pointed out. I then check the rules and didn’t find anything on this. Knowing that the YT play is 18 month old, I assume the max moral is something that has been removed from the rules. Correct ?

Thx !

I believe it’s still 10. You can see that on the Marshal’s sheet.

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Nice catch ! Didn’t thought to check the playbook… My bad.

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I have another question:
Can supply cart be acquired through the “acquire assets” campaign action ?
It’s not listed there (only on some special mission reward) but it should be pretty trivial to get such a resource (ie not considered as fine or exceptional quality).
What do you guys think about that ?

Yep. It’s just a bunch of carts. (If you want to make it a bit more spicy it can be a normal asset in settlements like Plainsworth or Barrak, and a fine asset when you’re stuck someplace like a heart of a forest, or a poorly supplied mountain road).

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