Run a FitD game at PAX Unplugged?

Not sure whether I posted this in the right place, or how I might draw the right attention to it. I’m looking for someone to run a single BitD (or FitD) session for us at PAX Unplugged in Philly. I imagine this is a thing the writers/developers might be interested in doing, if they have the time and interest, but I’m not sure how to ping them politely about this. Or if anyone else might be interested.

Hey, I wasn’t sure when you posted before if you were just looking for BitD or also FitD.

I’m going to be playing a few sessions during Pax. I’m just working out my schedule now, but I’ll have signup sheets at the RPG HQ area. I missed the boat to post sign-ups online.

I can PM you when I know my schedule, or you can look for the Asphalt and Trouble signup.

Thank you! I’d love that. I’m looking for any FitD: I just want some experience with the non-action parts. I’ll pm my email to you. I’d love to sign up as soon as I can.