S&V as Star Wars-lightsabers

So, playing off Stars Wars using Scum and Villainy, anyone have any interesting hacked rules expanding on Lightsabers?

I think that’s covered with the Mystic abilities Psy-Blade and Way Shield. I bet you could handle more advanced lightsaber tricks (summoning your blade, throwing it, etc) with Advanced Moves and Permissions.

Sorry, should have been more clear. That’s what I mean…wondering if anyone has any special abilities/permissions they have come up with specific to lightsabers.

We’ve been using the Lightblade artifact from the examples on page 271 (it’s not just Force Sensitives that can use them!).

The glitch for the artifact is the crystal, which works similar to the way a lightsaber crystal does, can crack. We’ve come up with longterm projects to track down crystals that can magnify the Lightblade or hunt down crystals that are impervious to any cracking that often lead to jobs.