S&V - Attune question

I’m having a bit of a hard time understanding Attune uses. The book says

When you attune to the Way, you open your mind to the galactic
energies flowing throughout existence. You might communicate with
a non-sentient species or robot. You could safely handle Precursor
artifacts or remnants that tap directly into the Way. You might sense
unseen danger, or killing intent (though study might be better).

I understand the part about communicating with machines, but then there’s his piece about sensing unseen danger or killing intent. I’m not entirely sure about this “precog” piece of the skill. What is a PC supposed to be able to sense with attune, and why?

Also, it says “study might be better”, but then on study you have

You could deduce a person’s intention to kill you
(but attune might be better)
Looks like they both say that the other might be better on basically the same action, seeing that someone wants to kill you.

I’m a bit confused here. Could someone shed some light on this skill?