Sacrifice - how it works?

Hi! I have a couple of questions about the sacrifice phase:

  1. The Hero with the greatest Glory leads the sacrifice but… he must chose one god or more gods?
  2. After the contest, every Hero should assign the 2 Divine Favors to the god (or gods) to whom the sacrifice was made, to any god from the list or to their honored god?

Thank you!

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  1. My interpretation has been that “leading” a sacrifice is purely a flavor thing for the hero with the most glory and has no mechanical effect. Mechanically, the sacrifice is just a contest where everyone rolls, everyone gets 2 Divine Favor, and the best hero gets a bond with the deity of their choice. Flavorfully, everyone’s sacrificing to whatever gods matter most to them, and whoever does it best pleases the god they were sacrificing to enough to earn a bond.

  2. Yes, everyone gets two Divine Favor to put wherever they want, whether to their honored god or any other gods. They can assign these DFs wherever they want. Flavorfully, they’re sacrificing to whatever god(s) they then earn DF with.


Yep, Sam is right.

Also, if the heroes lose the roll, the Strife Player marks Wrath with the leader’s honored god.


Thank you so much!

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