SaV as SW: Precursors and tech...?

Hi, everyone!

Starting a new thread to go over one of my favorite parts of Scum and Villainy: discovering, acquiring, and/or otherwise experiencing technology heretofore unexplained and unparalleled.

But… where is this in the Star Wars universe? I dismissed the CW episodes with “the ones” (celestials) as not great, but looking back they might be a great source for this. Gree, Kwa, Rakata…

What are your favorite ideas for precursors in the SW universe? Or are you leaving that aspect out of your SaV game?

And what about Ur-bot AI cores? It poses an interesting question of why Droids are who they are in the Star Wars universe. Is there anything written about what makes a Droid a Droid vs a robot?

Making Droids a little different certainly keeps overzealous technicians in the party from building an army of droids, which I’m glad the rules cover.

How are you playing it?

I am leaning towards letting my group decide as we go, starting at session zero. I like playing rounds of “Yes Character” and asking them to add to the world during games, so maybe you all have some great developments from your gaming table.