Sc-fi Roll20 Clocks now available

I created some sci-fi clocks for use in Roll20! While designed for Beam Saber, these can be used for any Forged In The Dark, Powered by the Apocapypse, or other type of game that tracks progress in small increments. Please note that if you purchase Beam Saber, you also get these clocks in the “Beam Saber Roll20” file that comes with the game.

@Austin_Ramsay The clocks are rad af. What are the chances we can convince you to put them up in R20 for purchase? Happy to throw a few extra bucks your way and just be able to import them into games instead of manually re-building them each time I need them.

Part of the reason I keep re-using the “time for treachery” ones is just ease of use.

But regardless… rad work :slight_smile:

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PS. Is there a reason why you skipped 10-clocks?

@stras I skipped the 10 because I don’t see it getting much use in the game’s I’ve observed.

I’ve already applied to get into the Roll20 Marketplace and I’m waiting to hear back, so they’ll be there eventually!

Glad you like them!

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Can I bribe you somehow (name yer price ser!) to make a 10 to round out the set? <_< I use them a fair bit personally.

Also that R20 news is great! I loaded them up for my sunday Scum & Villainy game already, but I look forward to not having to do it every time. :slight_smile:

It now has a 10 Tick Clock. :wink:
If you want to bribe me, let folks know where to find them!

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I’ll do my best and I promise it’ll happen eventually. The world’s kind of on fire, and I have a list of cool things to talk about … but been struggling to talk about games online in the current state of affairs.

Thanks for this though, I’ll mention it on SnV stream this weekend.

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My friend made a 100-Tick Clock just in case you need a REALLY BIG CLOCK.

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That’s all kinds of awesome!

The stylishly simple sci-fi clocks I made for roll20 are now available as part of the roll20 marketplace, which means you don’t have to set them up yourself!

IMMEDIATE PURCHASE! Hooray! :slight_smile:

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