Sea of Dead Men

Sea of Dead Men is my piratical Forged in the Dark game, where you play a crew of pirates making their fortune in the lawless Carrascan Sea. It offers pitched naval battles, camaraderie, betrayals, swashbucklery, strange magic, lost treasures - all the things you need in a dramatic pirate adventure.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted an update (since before the fall of Google+); after a fairly long hiatus followed by some off-and-on development as I juggled a few different projects, I’ve just finished up a new release (version 1.3). It features two new playbooks (Loyalists and Swashbuckler), various rules updates, new factions, and guidelines for running ship-to-ship battles.

You can find it here:

The rules should be pretty much complete with this latest update (the one exception being the travel rules, which I’m still tinkering with); my work going forward will be focused on adding more details to the setting and faction list, as well as fleshing the system out into a fully standalone document that doesn’t require the SRD to play.


Given the pandemic encouraging more people to play online, would you make some of the information available digitally in non-pdf format? I’m specifically thinking of those who use Roll20 or Google sheets to play, and what a pain in the neck it is to transfer that information from a pdf document to those media.