[ShadowCon] Recorded Live Stream S&V - Great Session #2

We had a great second session of this 4 episode arc last night. Full of weird ur technology and double dealing. And not a small amount of Space heroin!

If you want your fix of scum with a side of villainy, check it out on Youtube


I am looking forward to the next job, nothing like dropping in hot to rob a Counter’s Guild Shadow Vault on a comet that has some weird artificial gravity shenanigans going on.

It’s been a fun game to run


It’s been a great series so far! @ColinJ placing a shadow vault on a comet is a cool idea!


Totally came from randomly rolling up the job, seeing that it was a “raid” and then looking at the locations in the system and that “mysterious comet” jumped out at me.

Pulling random cool color together is one of my favorite parts of running FitD