Sharing missions from my campaign

Hey guys

Having a blast GM’ing Band of Blades and I will start by saying a huge thanks to the authors for creating this absolute masterpiece of a RPG.

I feel that the system and the buy in of my players have allowed me to write some of the best stories I have ever done. I am so pumped that I will share the mission briefs I have done as I found it very valuable reading others mission briefs when I started. If you spot a mission you wrote take me stealing it as the highest form of flattery :wink:

We are currently at Barrak Mines and I will periodically post my missions here.

My Lorekeeper is keeping very detailed notes so at the end of the campaign I might post it here, with his permission.

Western Front:

Operation Bronze Hammer, Assault
Fleeing soldiers has reported seeing a most vile sight in the trenches towards the Tigeria. Enemy troops have conquered a water mill and put captured people to work fortifying it and expanding it with the industries of war. If the Cinder King can produce undead this side of the Tigeria the night-time raids will never end and the Western Front will not hold for long. Defeat any enemy presence and put that mill to the torch.
Reward: +2 Morale, +1 Supply
Penalties: +1 Pressure

Operation Burning Buffalo, Intel
Tactician and battlefield prodigy Captain Lorenz of the Aldermani 4th Infantry Battalion has stayed behind with the surviving members of his unit to slow the undead’s advance with a series of guerrilla strikes. He has sent word that he has been outmanoeuvred and soon his position will be overwhelmed. He is requesting extraction and wishes to be brought back to a nearby fortification where he can inform the living of his valuable strategic insights.
Rewards: Intel 1 and -1 Time.
Penalties: +1 Pressure, -1 Morale

Operation Last Man Out, Special Recon
A daring Scout remained behind to study Broken plans during the Legion’s retreat. They’re behind enemy lines in Karlsburg—the still-burning capital of Aldermark. You’ve spotted their signal requesting help. Survive the city and get them out. The mission takes three days. Bring supplies. Good luck.
Rewards: +2 Intel. Specialist: Scout (+2 Actions). The Commander asks any two intel questions. Favor: Glory, Knowledge.
Penalties: -1 Morale


Thanks for posting these and thanks so much for the kind words!

<— one of the authors :stuck_out_tongue: