Shatterkin: A Game of Kids with Evolving Monster Pets

(Scott Krammer) #1

Shatterkin is a game about a group of small-town kids who have bonded with strange evolving monsters. We play to discover how this bond between child and monster will help both of them grow, as they deal with dangers, mysteries, adventures, and the troubles of growing up.

My main inspirations for this hack are monster pet games/media such as Digimon, Monster Rancher, Pokemon, or Shin Megami Tensei, as well as shows about kids and small-town adventure, such as Stranger Things, Goonies, or Super 8.

I’ve been working on this hack for the past year, on and off, and it’s overdue for some sharing with the public.

So what do I have done thus far?

Rules Document: It’s definitely an in-development file — expect to see a lot of gaps in the content, incomplete sections, and placeholders. But it’s definitely enough to try out the game.

Playbooks and other Sheets: The playbooks and evolution cards for the first four monster types.

You can download them free here

I’d love to hear your feedback — good or bad. Thanks!