Ship transport between the islands?

Is there an established lore on whether the ships travel between the islands or are they used only for collecting leviathan blood? I would like to have the ships travel between the islands, but I don’t like going against the official lore.

No official lore about that, and there are ships of all kind in Doskvol’s port. So go ahead.

And even if it went against an “official” lore ? So what ?

Thanks, @A_B!

I would assume ships travel between ports, given the existence of foreign consulates, diplomats, immigrants, etc. The Dagger Isles have coastal piracy, which likely prey upon merchant vessels.

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It hasn’t actually come up in my game yet but I’ve thought about it and as far as I’m concerned it does exist, but it’s risky. The Leviathan hunters are the only ones who can sail the oceans in relative safety, for everyone else it can be a roll of the dice. Smugglers will employ the services of Whispers and out-of-work Rail Jacks to help keep them safe from ghosts. ‘Legit’ vessels might have access to slightly better protection, but it’s still not much. All captains of these vessels depend on cultivating good relationships, either genuine or based on bribery, with the Leviathan hunters so they can try to ascertain which routes will be safest at any given time. As such, travel times are unpredictable at best and sometimes a given destination will be unreachable for a while.

But in your game, go for whatever works for you!

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@Paul_Adams I am actually asking about the Imperial Navy, which apparently also exists.