Silly question: someone made a wiki / lore repository?

Happy day all. I’m back into RPing after a 15-year break and loving it. I’m used to games having lots of books. Monster manuals, equipment books, lore repositories, etc. I’d love access to more stuff like that for BitD. I figure some fans have probably built something like that? Maybe a wiki or something? I’ve asked Google and searched these forums, but can’t find anything. I’m probably screwing up the search terms. Can anyone point me to something they like?

If there isn’t much out there, then I’ll publish what I’m building for my campaign in case it can be helpful to others.

Thanks all!

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Not a silly question - I’m sure some people would like that - I find myself googling and searching on here to see what others have done.

One of the conscious design choices of BitD is that it is light on some detail, so that you can fill it in as you choose. That does put more pressure on a GM to come up with a lot of answers, but unlike many systems you have the players to lean on as a resource - with joint story telling you do not have to decide everything. For instance, in deciding how ghosts and possession work I checked in with how the players saw this working, same with details of certain factions.

So while a wiki could be tricky due to the lack of cannon, and the risk to tying GMs down to specific ideas; a structured resource of said ideas is no bad thing - this community is essentially an unstructured version of that.

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Thanks @Rob_Egginton. In that spirit, here is an AirTable Database I created of items from the core rules book, some items modified from the book, and some of my own design. People should feel free to use / copy / remix as they see fit.

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If you’re looking for more people who’ve done this kind of lore building, there’s a ton of it in the Blades discord. It’s not gonna be as neatly organized since it’s all in a chatroom, but people have been picking apart and adding to the lore there for years.

You might also just browse around Lots of people have put out supplements and such based on their own takes on Duskwall.