Skydagger: reinforce gates before Last Wave?


How many times is Reinforce the Ramparts and Gates rolled for?

There are 5 objectives: this LTP and 4 missions. Then there is the Last Wave fortune roll.

Is this LTP rolled four times (once before each mission), or five times: once before Last Wave also?

So, here’s the math for expected value, that is, the average number of ticks you’d get rolling the listed dice:

4 rolls:
-2 dice: 8.5
-3 dice: 9.8
-4 dice: 10.9
-5 dice: 11.9

5 rolls:
-2 dice: 10.6
-3 dice: 12.5
-4 dice: 13.6
-5 dice: 14.9

Looking at that, I think 4 rolls is more appropriate. At 5 rolls, it takes bad luck to fail even if you have few resources devoted to building, and it’s basically a sure thing if you do have those resources. At 4, folks without rig and laborers have an uphill climb, and folks that do have rig and laborers can still fail if the dice go particularly wrong.

I understand you roll only four times. The Last Wave is not a mission.


Where does rig come into play?

Rig or whatever other action you’re rolling for the long term project. Maneuver and a few others might also make sense, depending on the fiction.

Ahhh. Okay I bought there was an implication that it HAD to be rig an I was confused.

Yah I agree LTP advanced with whatever approach/action the Players attempt + Laborers.

Also agree with the roll 4 times. The book says Missions lists those five objectives this one stating it’s rolled before the others. Great opportunity for a montage.