Slew of Newbie Questions

Just ran our first session of Blades the other night and a number of questions arose. I’ve managed to find answers to many of them here, but a few remain.

The first is about the Officer playbook. The playbook lists a “Large Weapon” utility item. I can find no description for this anywhere in the book. Is this a typo and is supposed to be “Hand Weapon” or “Heavy Weapon” instead? If not, what is it?

The second question is about Morale: there are a total of ten ticks on the Commander’s playbook. Is this the maximum or can the Legion have more morale than this?

Third question, can the Harm suffered on secondary missions be non-physical Harm? Like on-going nightmares or panic attacks and such? Can Harm be Corruption (or is that just a little too brutal of a result from secondary missions/not the same thing)?

Fourth question, after completing the first mission and advancing to the Western Front, do the Quartermaster and Spymaster perform their campaign actions (to gain Supply, start projects, or gain Intel)? (My feeling here is “no”, but I want to make certain.)

Finally, I read somewhere that the GM fulfills some of the functions of the Lorekeeper if one of the players doesn’t take the role (like telling stories when time passes, or recording the dead). Is this so, and does the Legion receive bonuses from such?


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I can’t answer all your questions, but I can answer 4 and 5.

  1. After the first mission, you do a normal campaign phase, just like all the others. So yes, the Quartermaster and Spymaster do their actions.

  2. If there’s no Lorekeeper in the game, the GM frames Back at Camp scenes. The other benefits of the Lorekeeper (telling tales when Legionnaires die) are ignored.

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  1. This is the old term for Heavy Weapon.
  1. Yep. Moralle is 1-10. 10 is max.

  2. All harm is on the GM. That sounds fine, just remember that when you apply it you have to discuss what are “means” by which such harm can be removed so the QM knows what to do to recover from it.

  3. Yep.

  4. Thomas is correct. The GM frames the back at camp scenes, and everything else is ignored.

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