So our Arcanist (mystic equivalent for this homebrew world) just spent a Push, a Gambit, and an Assist, and got THIS on the roll:

What’s the most impressively interesting roll one of your players got?


A desperate attune? Oh dang, that sounds like there’s an awesome story behind it.

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We had a mystic touch a box.

Seriously, that was it. It was a simple cargo run and he got curious and touched the box. Not much had happened up to this point but he did start the session with a few stress but then he rolled to attune to the box and rolled all 1s, then did the same for the resist…

Needless to say he spent the rest of the session curled up, his xeno body rocking back and forth muttering across from the box.

Best thing? He pulled that stunt again about six months later…and earned another trauma for it.


During our last session, my character (yes, I know he’s named after the character from Porridge) the Spider, rolled a 4 dice Consort roll with a Push. This was the result:


And then I remembered I had an extra die from an assist, and:



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