Sopranos-style Lasers & Feelings hack

Hey, folks – been meaning to join this community for a bit now and wanted to share a Lasers & Feelings hack I put together after John Harper opened up the license.

It’s called Cold Cuts & Melancholy, and it takes the basic L&F formula to Jersey with character creation, new character goals, a “season generator” in the form of therapy notes, and a few other bits of flavor. You can check it out (for free, by all means) here. I am eager for feedback.

I promise this isn’t a hit & run post, btw. I’m new to making TTRPG stuff and this is one of the things I worked on to teach myself game hacks and, incidentally, layouts – I’ll never be great at the latter (I’m a writer by trade, not a designer) but I enjoy the challenge. One of my big goals is a full Forged in the Dark game, and I cannot wait to dig in to the posts around here to see what everyone’s working on.

Time to browse!

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