Space Train Space Heist, a one shot FITD game

Hey folks, back in the before times I was always frustrated with trying to run FITD games at cons. You can certainly make it work, and a number of articles have been written on the best way to do so, but I always wanted a game more specifically geared for 2-4hr one shots.

So anyway, I made such a game. It’s called Space Train Space Heist, it’s very broad and dumb in a way that pleases me, and also it’s GMless because it turns out I think everyone should be able to get in on giving out delicious consequences. I’m not 100% sure why anyone would play this game over Honey Heist, but maybe you want a little more structure than that game gives you, or you really like FITD.

If you read or play it, I’d love to hear what you think. I’m close to done with it, but I’ll probably do another final polish on it before the end of the year. And really you should just come to the design channels in the discord where I put most of my design questions, because people there are great.