Specialist Action XP Clock

When you gain XP you can put it in your Specialist Abilities clocks or your insight, prowess, resolve clocks, but there is also an XP clock over the specialist actions. Does this mean, as a rookie, when I fill that clock I can get a pip in scrounge or channels? Can I then use those pips as I would being the scout or officer? That’s what it looks like to me but I couldn’t find it explicitly anywhere in the book.
If not, what does that XP clock do, why does it exist?

Rookies are precluded from taking Veteran advances and have to promote to Soldiers, but there’s nothing in the book that says they can’t put their points in the Specialist track. It’s sub-optimal, but there’s nothing stopping you.

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Yeah, that’s what it means, as for any other playbooks.

But since the Rookie is quite fragile (death at the first trauma, Threat 1 only so more lethal wounds…), it would be a big risk of wasting all those XP . Better to get a promotion to soldier, reach Threat 2, have a second Trauma available or more, then put your XP in the attributes or Specialist tracks.

I have to say that the idea of building a very versatile Soldier by buying several Specialist actions, instead of promoting to Specialist, appeals to me. But unfortunately I am the GM, not a player.

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